Our last adventure in Europe would involve returning to Germany to explore Munich and visit a good friend in Ravensburg.

The big trip from Barcelona to Munich was in the comfort of a plane, but in the early hours of the morning. We caught a taxi to the airport at 4.30am and had a surreal ride through an unusually quiet Barcelona.

We noticed that people at the airport seemed a bit impatient and anxious, possibly due to the crash of a German Wings flight from Barcelona to Germany the previous day. It certainly was on the forefront of our minds too!

Despite this, it was a smooth flight and we arrived ahead of schedule. Obviously I wasn’t too worried because I slept through yet another landing!

To catch the train from the airport into the city we had to buy an all-day ticket, strangely 2€ cheaper if purchased as a couple traveling together.
We decided that since we couldn’t check in until 2pm and it was 11am, we’d throw our packs in the luggage room and use our tickets to journey to Dachau Concentration Camp.


We have written about this experience separately.

Dinner that night had to be at a local Beerhall. We chose “Augustiner Braustuben,” which is well known for it’s great food, beer and atmosphere.

All were superb!


This place was the real deal and totally packed with big, loud and laughing Germans.

Not a glass of water was in sight!

Without pause, we found ourselves at a table with four German men and two steins of “Augustiner Hell Maß”  beer in front of us.

We looked around at the mountains of meat on every plate and swiftly ordered the best local cuisine consisting of roast pork with copious crackling, pork knuckles, roast duck, enormous, glutenous potato dumplings, and delicious cabbage salad.

We resisted the urge to grab an “appetizer” in the form of pretzels on each table to leave room for the meals.





We found the food to be rich, heavy and satisfying with huge amounts of delicious gravy. Something I wouldn’t usually want, but this was divine.

The people and atmosphere were welcoming and authentic and the whole dinner definitely made the list of our top ten this trip!

Day two started with a cold run around a strange open space called “Theresienwiese”. Treed paths around a concrete oval with some kind of circus or festival tents in the middle. Mmmm?

Afterwards we checked out and began to walk! Here are some highlights:


City square (Marienplatz) with stunning, neo-Gothic “Neues Rathaus” which began in 1867. Here we needed bakery treats for energy 😉




Isartor Gate. Built in the 14th Century and is one of the three remaining Munich city gates (the others being Karlstor and Sendlinger Tor)


Royal Residence and Hofgarten (Palace gardens)

For a spontaneous lunch we visited “Viktualienmarkt” a famous fresh produce market. We grabbed some delicious marinated beans, olives and bratwurst to eat on the go. After lunch we passed the Hofbrauhaus – of course we had to visit and try the beer! Inside there was fantastic energy with bands playing and so many people talking and laughing in the Beerhall.



Inside the Hofbrauhaus



“Englischer Garten ” worlds largest multicipal park.

It features a permanent wave at the southern tip of the park where surfers hone their skills.

It also has beautiful trails and wildlife, we saw an abundance of birds including gorgeous ducks and woodpeckers (which we heard too – so cool!)


Our last stop was at “Steinheil,” famous for their legendary schnitzels. As we had not had a German schnitz yet, we chose this place to represent. It did not disappoint and was the perfect early dinner we needed before boarding a bus to Friedrichshafen.


2 thoughts on “Munich

  1. We went to HB, as well. There is a upper room which is very picturesque, but you are assigned your table, so it is just a matter of luck to end up in the upper room or in one of the crowded and noisy main rooms downstairs. We still have HB coasters and use them daily! Apart from the few reserved tables at the front, I found it too touristy nowadays. The food was okay, but nothing to talk home about. I had a similar experience in another beerhouse in Prague, I can’t remember the name right now but it is the top beer place there.


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